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Crystal clear water is one of the most important, if not the most important objective in water feature maintenance. It's definitely one of ours. Pond Solutions specializes in keeping water in man-made environments pristine we maximize natural techniques while we minimize the use of chemicals.
This is not always possible, especially when recovering a badly contaminated water feature after months of neglect. However, it is always our goal to take an environmentally friendly approach for the long-term health of your pond or fountain.

We want to avoid the harsh chemicals that harm aquatic life plants and animals and the planet. When we want to adjust the environment, or "tinker," we do it by adding live plants, aeration and enzymes. These contribute to and become part of the natural cycle. And, in times of drought we take measures to minimize evaporative water loss. For example, maintaining the proper pH level (acidity) discourages green water and algae naturally. We make every effort to encourage the natural cycle so nature can achieve the balance that results in clean, clear, healthy water. So that we can take the most appropriate course of action, we consider and test for undesirable compounds of chlorine, copper, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur, as well as turbidity and other unusual run-off conditions.

Poor water quality is often the result of an excess of organic matter. This may also include excess nitrogen, phosphorous or ammonia. This is the basic food supply for the most notorious and common culprit, green water algae. At times, the unsightly and "scummy" conditions are accompanied by a sewer odor. This is an indication of the decomposition of organic matter in the pond or fountain that is releasing a combination of methane and other gases. Through a process called bio-augmentation, a natural blend of microorganisms is used to digest and eliminate the algae and unpleasant odor.

All life requires water water should support life!
Pond Solutions can make that a reality for your water feature.


Pond Solutions
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